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FILM (partial list)


Landline                      Supporting    Matthew Aaron/Selfie LLC

The Way We Talk       Supporting    Matthew Aaron/Selfie LLC

Gomorroide                Guest Role      Francesco Prisco Tunnel/Bronx Films

Emo: The Musical      Featured        Neil Triffett/Matthewswood Productions

Grime Scene               Lead                Curtis Hill/Mr. Smith Productions

Escorts                         Lead               Corey Aumiller/AFI

The Extra Mile            Lead               Steven Liang/UCLA

The Gathering            Lead                Haydon Gregory/Heydon Films

Halfway                       Lead                Naomi Shepherd/Chapman Films

Curious Cat                 Lead                Bjorn Wilde/Rollick Pictures

Meet the Daughter    Lead                Brian Burke/Industry Entertainment

Last Year                    Lead                 Bjorn Wilde/Rollick Pictures

The Big Ask                Lead                 Bjorn Wilde/Rollick Pictures

Triumph                     Lead                Mark Davies/Mentor Films

Sad but True              Lead                 Jessica Panto/Deakin Productions

Bump                          Supporting      Jackson Raine/Sweat Box Productions

Scary Legends           Supporting      Damian Andrews/RMIT Films

Jack and Jill               Featured          Dennis Dugan/Happy Madison Productions


TELEVISION (partial list)


Love Me                     Bit Part            Emma Freeman

Prank Patrol             Recurring        Peter Lawler/ABC3

Neighbours               Recurring        Gary Conway/Fremantle Media

My P.T. Pilot             Guest Star        Steve Hayden/Haybo Productions

Wicked Science        Bit Part             Jonathon M Schiff/Seven Network 

Home and Away      Bit Part             Mark Piper/Seven Network

Entourage                 Bit Part             Ken Whittingham/HBO 

Bed of Roses             Bit Part             Paul Maloney/ABC

As the Bell Rings     Bit Part              David MacDonald/Disney


THEATRE (partial list)


Lonely Impulse of Delight       Jane             The Renegade Theatre

Equus                                          Jill                Beverly Hills Playhouse

Romeo and Juliet                      Juliet            SHC Productions

Sexual Perversity in Chicago  Bernie          The Renegade Theatre

Girl On The Via Flaminia        Lisa              The Renegade Theatre

View From The Bridge             Catherine    The Renegade Theatre

Tartuffe                                      Marianne     Sweat Box Productions

Othello                                       Desdemona  SHC Productions


COMMERCIALS (partial list)


National Home Doctor Service       Lead      Jamie Doolan/Loud Films

Federal Government Ideas Boom   Lead      Rey Carlson/Playbig

Coles                                                    Lead      Ted Horton/Flinders Lane Productions


OTHER (partial list)

Dan Sultan Music Video                        Supporting    Logan Much/The Sweet Shop

Various VEA Corporate Videos             Lead               Mike DeRobbio/VEA Australia

OrdEat  App Promotional Video           Lead               Andrea Belloni/Dream Age

Jimmy Kimmels San Gennaro Feast    Event Host    Eva Miller/San Gennaro Los Angeles

Joe Pesci Italian Festival                        Event Host    Joe Pesci/Barcelona LA/ St. Jude Childrens Hospital

Pre-Oscars Event                                    Event Host    Kevin Spacey Foundation

Daz Dare UK Artist Music Video          Lead                Jackson Raine/Agile Arts

Usana Health Science Video                 Presenter       Shawn McLelland/Usana Productions


TRAINING (partial list)

Scene Study                                  Beverly Hills Playhouse              Gary Grossman,Art Cohan

Scene Study/On Camera            Anthony Meindl Workshops      Anthony Meindl

Scene Study/On Camera            The Renegade Theatre L.A.         Chick Vennera

On Camera/Cold Reading          Brian Reise Studios L.A.              Brian Reise

Scene Study                                  Jason Alexander Masterclass     Jason Alexander

On Camera/Audition Tech        Melbourne Acting Academy       Various Casting Directors

On Camera/Cold Reading          AiA Studios                                    Various Casting Directors

On Camera                                   LJ Productions                              John Gauci

Scene Study                                  Melbourne Actors Lab                 Peter Kalos

Scene Study                                  TAFTA Australia                          Tom McSweeney, Greg Apps, Various Casting Directors

Improv/Scene Study                   Screen Actors Australia               Rosie Traynor, Jackson Raine, Sarah Hallam



Sports: Athletics, Cross Country, Pilates, Yoga, Netball, Softball, Tennis, Running

Languages: Italian (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Dialects: Australian, Standard American, New York, Southern, British, Spanish, English, Italian, Mexican.

Music: Guitar (Intermediate) 

Film Production: Art Department


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